Nikolai Ice Creams

All, including families, work groups, students as well as elders, will feel at home in our easy-going cafeteria.


Vko 33

Ti Makkarasoppa G,M

Ke Kasvissosekeitto G,L

To Hernari & pannari G,L

Pe Kermainen riistakeitto G,L


8,90€ Sisältäen talon tuoreet sämpylät, juomat, salaattia ja kahvin/teen


Lounas tarjolla arkisin klo 10.30-14


Nälkäkiukkukortilla joka 10. lounas veloituksetta!

The lunch menu, wk 11


Sausage soup

Borsch soup

Fish soup

Pea soup

Cauliflower/Asparagus soup


The Ice Creams

Our handcrafted ice creams are self-made at Jukolanportti. We use the best local ingredients and natural products when making our ice cream. The cream and milk come from Valio, berries from Mantsin Makie or are picked by hand by us. All sorbets are milk free.

Ice cream is available year-round in our cafeteria-shop at Jukolanportti. From May Day to autumn our ice cream kiosk serves at Taitokortteli in Joensuu centre.

The Cafeteria

You can enjoy ice cream in the cozy atmosphere of our Jukolanportti café. We also serve hot drinks, soft drinks and fresh pastries. We have a large selection of self-made gluten free products. On weekdays we offer a tasty soup lunch.

Our cafeteria is well suited for a meeting or a party.